Increasing Efficiency for Higher Medication Labeling Compliance


Accurate and efficient medication labeling is of paramount importance in healthcare, especially in critical areas such as anesthesia administration. The process of anesthesia syringe and IV tube labeling has historically faced low levels of compliance. Vigilant Software has emerged as a leader in this space by introducing an automated labeling solution that not only streamlines the workflow but also garners high levels of acceptance among anesthesia providers.

The Compliance Challenge in Anesthesia Syringe Labeling

Anesthesia providers play a crucial role in patient care during surgery and other medical procedures. The labeling of medication syringes is a vital step in ensuring patient safety, as any mislabeling or errors could have severe consequences. Unfortunately, the compliance rates for anesthesia syringe labeling can be alarmingly low when studied. When variability is high in anesthesia and IV labeling, errors can occur.

The Resistance to Change Among Anesthesia Providers

Anesthesia providers form a unique and highly specialized workforce, with a distinct approach to their practices. They are known for their meticulous attention to detail, and any changes to their workflow can be met with resistance. If they find a new solution cumbersome or inefficient, they are less likely to adopt it willingly.

It is essential to recognize that adding unnecessary steps to the medication labeling process can deter anesthesia providers from adopting a new solution. Competitors’ solutions, while well-intentioned, may inadvertently contribute to lower levels of compliance due to their added steps. 

For example, a Condonics solution will require the clinician to scan their badge for every single label they need printing. Vigilant’s solution prints an entire sheet of the desired medication labels with one simple scan. Vigilant’s thermal solution takes 15 seconds, while a competitor’s printing can take multiple minutes.

“That’s why Vigilant’s automated solution is fast, efficient, cost-effective, and most importantly, accurate.” – M.D. Peter Baek, Anesthesiologist, Founder of Vigilant


The Role of Efficiency in Increasing Compliance

One key factor that influences compliance is the efficiency of the medication labeling process. When the steps are streamlined and intuitive, anesthesia providers are more likely to adopt and adhere to the new method. A straightforward and easy-to-follow workflow, like Vigilant’s, helps reduce the risk of human errors and saves valuable time during critical medical procedures.

Vigilant Software has revolutionized medication labeling in anesthesia with its innovative approach. Vigilant offers a thermal solution that simplifies the process, making it highly efficient while maintaining a focus on patient safety. By reducing unnecessary steps, Vigilant ensures that anesthesia providers can seamlessly integrate the new labeling system into their practice.

It is essential to recognize that adding unnecessary steps to the medication labeling process can deter anesthesia providers from adopting a new solution. The Codonics approach, while well-intentioned, may have inadvertently contributed to lower levels of compliance due to its complexity and additional requirements.

Efficiency Leads to Compliance

Medication labeling in anesthesia is a critical aspect of patient safety, and improving compliance rates is vital to ensure error-free practices. As efficiency increases, so does labeling compliance. Vigilant’s automated solution not only simplifies the workflow but also empowers clinicians to focus on providing the best possible level of patient care. By prioritizing efficiency and user experience, Vigilant has set a new standard in medication labeling, paving the way for safer and more reliable patient care during critical medical procedures.

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