Achieve 100% labeling compliance in your ORs

Enhance OR labeling compliance for improved efficiency and patient safety.

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Enable barcode medication administration in the OR

Enhancing Patient Safety and Efficiency: Embracing Barcode Medication Administration in the Operating Room

Automated anesthesia syringe label

Say goodbye to tedious handwritten labels

Relieve nurses from the burden of handwriting. With one-click printing, ensure efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced patient care.

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streamline medication management in the or


Supporting all anesthesia environments

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Surgery Center

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Hospital OR

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Without Vigilant

Charge on Dispense

Charging on dispense may result in a time lag between medication dispensing and revenue recognition, impacting cash flow and financial planning..

Charging on dispense requires comprehensive tracking and reconciliation of dispensed medications, which can add complexity to billing processes and increase administrative workload.

Despite automation, there is still a risk of errors in capturing charges at the point of dispense, leading to billing inaccuracies and potential revenue loss.

Charging on dispense may not provide real-time visibility into actual medication utilization at the point of administration, hindering accurate inventory management and forecasting.

Integrating charging on dispense into existing hospital systems and workflows can be challenging, potentially causing disruptions and requiring additional staff training.

Charging on dispense may not capture charges for medications that are not dispensed, such as when a dose is wasted or a medication is returned unused, resulting in revenue leakage and inventory discrepancies.


With Vigilant

Charge on Administration

Charging on administration allows for immediate capture of medication charges as they are administered, leading to more accurate and timely revenue recognition for healthcare facilities.

By charging on administration, healthcare providers can ensure that charges accurately reflect the medications actually administered to patients, reducing billing errors and revenue leakage.

Charging on administration helps hospitals maintain compliance with billing and regulatory requirements by capturing charges at the point of care, ensuring proper documentation and billing for services provided.

Charging on administration integrates seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, reducing administrative burden and minimizing the need for manual charge capture processes.

Charging on administration provides real-time data on medication utilization, allowing for better inventory management and reducing medication waste and associated costs.

Charging on administration simplifies the billing process by aligning charges with the actual delivery of care, leading to faster reimbursement and improved cash flow for healthcare organizations.


SURGERY 3 | vigilant software

IT Simplicity

With a user-friendly interface and streamlined implementation, you can effortlessly integrate our solution into your existing systems.

SURGERY 2 | vigilant software

Ability to Network

With robust network capabilities, our solution effortlessly connects with existing systems, allowing for efficient data exchange and collaboration across departments.

SURGERY 4 | vigilant software

Simplified Updating

Updating is made simple and straightforward. Our streamlined approach ensures effortless maintenance, minimizing disruption to your operations.


Vigilant Verify Anesthesia Brochure

Developed by an Anesthesiologist, Vigilant’s Verify anesthesia solution drastically reduces time spent on label creation. Explore how our innovative solution enhances safety and efficiency in anesthesia management.

CHI St. Joseph
Case Study

Factors contributing to perioperative medication errors. A medical journal article published by Dr. Julie Boytim focusing on compliance and safety with syringe labeling after deploying Vigilant to CHI St. Joseph in Bryan, TX.

UT Southwestern
Case Study

UT-Southwestern’s presentation at Epic’s User Group Meeting (UGM) in 2019 highlighting their work with Vigilant and EMR integration.

The Joint Commission labeling guidelines

A comprehensive resource outlining best practices and standards for labeling in healthcare facilities. Covering vital aspects such as medication safety and compliance, this guide serves as an essential reference for ensuring quality care and regulatory adherence in healthcare settings.

ISMP Guidelines for Safe Medication Use

Learn about essential protocols and best practices to ensure medication safety before, during, and after procedures. Reduce the risk of errors and enhance patient outcomes with these indispensable guidelines.



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