On Demand Syringe Labels
For the ED, PACU, and Med-Surg

Detailed, compliant labels in two scans

Vigilant Verify for the ED, PACU, and Med-Surg enables quick and compliant labeling of individual syringes throughout the hospital.

Simply scanning a staff ID and drug vial’s NDC prompts the device to create a detailed syringe label, including replicated drug barcode for easy EMR input. Verify creates perfect syringe labels in seconds.

Single Syringe with All Labels | vigilant software

Current Challenges in Individual Syringe Labeling

To ensure the safety of patients, hospital policy and best practices require that syringes throughout the hospital be labeled. Unfortunately, nurses have for years lacked the tools to quickly and effectively do so. Additionally, labeling of syringes usually takes place away from the patient. These two factors lead to suboptimal, ad hoc labeling solutions.

Common Issues Seen in Syringe Labeling:

  • Taping or loose carrying of drug vials to hold on to NDC for EMR input by the patient.
  • Drug vials unaccounted for after being misplaced or lost in transit.
  • High likelihood of staff being interrupted between label creation and administration.
  • Handwritten labels not including all necessary information, putting patients at risk.

"When one considers 60% of all IV medical errors result in serious patient morbidity and mortality, because of the speed of onset, the implication of getting it wrong are significant."

J. Mikhail, H. Grantham, L. King
Journal of Patient Safety, September 2019

How Vigilant Verify Benefits the ED, PACU, and Med-Surg

ED Value | vigilant software

Enhanced patient safety throughout the hospital with consistent, legible syringe labels.

Replicates drug NDC for easy EMR input at the point of care, eliminating the need for ad hoc solutions like vial carrying.

Improves staff workflow by eliminating tedious, manual handwriting. Verify creates perfect labels in <5 seconds.

Improves compliance over time by logging labeling activity and providing compliance reports.

Verify for ED, PACU, and Med-Surg is Easy to Integrate

We understand that implementing new healthcare technologies can be an arduous process. That’s why we make Verify for ED, PACU, and Med-Surg incredibly easy to get up and running.

  • No IT setup necessary. The Verify platform comes pre-loaded with an NDC database.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use. Verify comes with everything you need to begin, out of the box. And it is so easy to use that a single demonstration is usually all that’s needed to get staff up to speed.
  • No need for capital budget requests. Verify is priced below most hospitals’ capital budget request thresholds, so that you can get it into your hospital ASAP.

Contact us for a free trial, and we promise that we can get Verify for ED, PACU, and Med-Surg set up and printing in 30 days or less.

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