Automate repetitive and error-prone tasks with barcode scanning

Easily print expiration labels by scanning medication barcodes. Increase technician productivity and patient safety. 

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Create a wide variety of labels on demand

Effortlessly print compounded drug labels, expiration labels, drug warnings, and more.

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Say goodbye to tedious handwritten labels

Relieve pharmacists from the burden of handwriting. With one-click printing, generate up to 200 compliant labels in seconds, customized to your medication requirements.

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verify RX

Before Vigilant
Labels peeling off, burdensome handwriting of large batches of medications
After Vigilant
Clear and legible labels customized to your need. Easily print 200 labels in a few seconds.

Pharmacy Labeling System

Developed with clinicians, Vigilant’s Verify RX solution automates and drastically simplifies the labeling in the pharmacy printing clear, compliant, detailed labels in seconds. With extensive customization options and a variety of label types, Verify RX stands as the comprehensive choice for efficient and compliant pharmacy labeling.

Verify Rx dramatically increases efficiency and patient safety by combining
best-in-class technologies: thermal printer, barcode scanner, full NDC
database from the FDA, and customizable software. Vigilant can modify the
solution to print different sizes of labels as well as the format of the printed
output. Additionally, the solution has a huge database of image formats to print labels on demand.

How Verify RX Benefits the Pharmacy

Patient Safety

Verify RX serves as a crucial double-check in the pharmacy workflow, offering an additional layer of safety in medication dispensing processes.

Utilizing barcode scanning technology, Verify RX significantly decreases the likelihood of errors by accurately identifying medications and matching them with corresponding drug information.

  • On-demand labels generated by Verify RX can include detailed information and warnings, enhancing patient safety by ensuring that critical information is clearly communicated.


Verify RX saves pharmacies hundreds of hours in pharmacy technician time by streamlining medication verification processes, allowing staff to focus on other essential tasks

By eliminating the need to purchase and store large quantities of pre-printed labels, Verify RX reduces resource consumption and storage space requirements within the pharmacy.

In situations where batch compounding is necessary due to inventory shortages or specific patient needs, Verify RX facilitates the efficient creation of on-demand labels, minimizing delays and ensuring timely medication preparation.


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IT Simplicity

With a user-friendly interface and streamlined implementation, you can effortlessly integrate our solution into your existing systems.

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Ability to Network

With robust network capabilities, our solution effortlessly connects with existing systems, allowing for efficient data exchange and collaboration across departments.

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Simplified Updating

Updating is made simple and straightforward. Our streamlined approach ensures effortless maintenance, minimizing disruption to your operations.




With extensive customization options and a variety of label types, Verify RX stands as the comprehensive choice for efficient and compliant pharmacy labeling.

ISMP Targeted Medication Best Practice 2024

Learn how Vigilant Software enhances tranexamic acid safety with ISMP’s Best Practice 2024. Implement barcode checks, IV bag use, proper storage, labeling, and reviews for safer administration.

The Joint Commission Medication Labeling Guidelines

These guidelines outline the requirements and best practices for labeling medication containers to ensure patient safety, accurate administration, and compliance with regulatory standards.


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