Reduce Medication Errors in Healthcare, Improve Nurse Satisfaction by Implementing the New ISMP Guidelines

In healthcare, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. When it comes to medication administration, there’s no room for error. A single mistake, the tiniest error, and a patient’s outcome could be detrimentally affected. Poor labeling through missing labels or manual labeling of syringes and IV tubes has long been a challenge for clinicians, introducing the potential for serious consequences. Nanji and colleagues showed that about 24 % of labeling errors were associated with potential adverse events. Several factors have led to poor labeling primarily due to lack of reliable solutions and tough working conditions such as in the emergency room and other busy units. ISMP’s latest Guidelines call for eliminating all handwritten labels by 2025. 

Handwriting labels and mentally calculating change times is both outdated and error prone, while color coding alone is useful but unreliable. Nurses are often fighting for every single second in a race against time. Vigilant’s solution not only increases patient safety and compliance to guidelines, but is also a valuable tool that gives nurses peace of mind and satisfaction in their work. 


The Problem of Manual IV Line Labeling

For years, healthcare providers have wrestled with the issue of manual IV line labeling. The variable of legible handwriting coupled with a lack of checks to ensure accuracy is risky and has potential for error. Incorrect change dates, mislabeling, or the all too common danger of not labeling at all can lead to adverse patient outcomes, causing harm and extended hospital stays. A 2006 IOM Report, showed that medication errors are among the most common medical mistakes, emphasizing the urgency of a more precise approach. 

“In the United States, more than 1.3 million patients are injured due to medication errors. For one in four patients, that harm is life-threatening…These errors may be related to professional practice; products or medications used; procedures or processes used; and systems—including prescribing; order communication; product labeling, packaging; nomenclature; compounding; dispensing; distribution; administration; education; and monitoring.” – ISMP 

What can be done to help reduce these errors brought about by inefficient systems, manual processes, and a lack of accuracy? It’s time to discuss overhauling the way that hospital systems implement their IV tube labeling procedures. 


Burnout and the Battle for Job Satisfaction

Nurse burnout is a pervasive problem in the healthcare industry, affecting nurses on the front lines of patient care. The demands of their roles, including long hours, emotional stress, and the constant need for vigilance, can take a toll. Manual medication labeling, with its repetitive and time-consuming nature, exacerbates this issue. Nurses often find themselves juggling numerous responsibilities, and the added burden of meticulous labeling can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Addressing nurse burnout is not just about ensuring patient safety; it’s also about caring for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.


The Automated Medication IV Tube Labeling Solution

Vigilant’s automated solution is designed to eliminate human error by ensuring that IV tubing labels are always legible and accurate.Leveraging simple, yet effective, technology, it efficiently streamlines the labeling process. 



No longer do clinicians need to worry about hand writing the correct medication label in the heat of the moment. With a single scan of a medication, their entire sheet of IV labels prints within seconds. Whether a nurse needs to label IV tubing with the precise change date displayed, or a clinician is drawing up and labeling syringes filled with life-saving medication, Vigilant provides a safe and accurate automated solution. 


Benefits of Vigilant’s Solution

The advantages of Vigilant’s automated IV line labeling solution are multifaceted. Walking step by step beside ISMP in an effort to increase patient safety and reduce medical errors, Vigilant’s solution is a vital link between medication safety, compliance and nursing satisfaction. 

Vigilant’s automated IV line labeling solution not only reduces the risk of medical errors but also plays a crucial role in alleviating nurse burnout. By streamlining the line labeling process and giving nurses more time to focus on patient care, it contributes to improved well-being and job satisfaction among healthcare professionals. Vigilant labels can also be used in tracing IV lines. Current recommendations suggest labeling IV tubing in at least 2 different locations to help minimize IV infusion mix up. 

No longer do nurses have to worry about calculating change times, tracing unlabeled lines, or having to scramble to confirm what medications are infusing through which port. This not only reduces their workload but also enhances job satisfaction. By reducing the likelihood of medication errors, Vigilant’s solution contributes to overall improvements in patient care and positive patient outcomes.

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