Best Alternative to Handwritten Labels in the Healthcare Space

In healthcare, precision and efficiency are paramount, and handwritten labels on IV tubing and syringes have long been a problem. They are difficult to write on, even more difficult to read, and they’re often neglected when healthcare professionals are in a rush to provide patient care. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Vigilant Software has developed technology that eliminates the need for nurses to handwrite labels, resulting in increased compliance, increased revenue for hospitals, and most importantly, enhanced patient safety.

The Problem with Handwritten Labels

Handwritten labels on IV tubing and syringes have been a traditional but error-prone practice in healthcare settings. Illegible handwriting,missing content, time constraints, and the potential for misinterpretation create a cocktail of risks that put patients at risk every day. In a domain where a minor error can have significant consequences, finding alternatives to handwritten labels has become imperative, especially since 50% of perioperative medical errors occur during the administration process.

Vigilant Software Eliminates Handwritten Labels

Vigilant Software has emerged as a leader in the healthcare technology space with its IV tube and syringe labeling solutions. By offering an alternative that eradicates the need for nurses to manually write labels on IV tubing and syringes, Vigilant is ensuring that the last mile of drug delivery is safe and effective. Since many healthcare technology solutions actually end up causing even more frustration for nurses and end users, Vigilant designed its solutions to be as simple as they are effective. Most implementations are inexpensive enough to be below capital budget requirements, the printers can be set up in a single day, and they’re extremely easy to use with a simple swipe of the badge. This means that nurses are truly using the solution, leading to an increased standard of care.

Key Features of Vigilant Software’s Solution:

Automated Label Generation: Vigilant Software’s solution automates the label generation process, eliminating the need for manual handwriting. This not only saves valuable time for nurses but also ensures accuracy and clarity in medication information. Each label set is customized to a hospital unit’s specific needs to ensure healthcare professionals always have the label they need.

User-Friendly Interface: The solution boasts a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Nurses can intuitively learn the system, ensuring there are no disruptions to their workflow.

Customization Options: Recognizing the variation of healthcare settings, Vigilant Software allows for customizable labels. This ensures that the labels generated align seamlessly with the specific needs and protocols of different departments or units.

Enhanced Patient Safety: By eliminating the potential for handwritten errors, Vigilant Software significantly enhances patient safety. The automated labeling system reduces the risk of misinterpretation, ensuring that medications are administered accurately every time.

The Impact on Nursing Workflow:

Vigilant Software’s solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into the daily workflow of nurses. Nurses already spend 18% of their shift focused on administrative work, so the time saved from not having to handwrite and decipher labels can be redirected toward more meaningful patient care activities.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable:

Beyond the immediate benefits to patient safety and workflow efficiency, Vigilant Software’s solution proves to be a cost-effective and sustainable choice for healthcare facilities. It is also extremely cost-effective out of the box, the reduction in medication errors can lead to fewer adverse events, hospital readmissions, and associated costs.

Conclusion: Elevating Medication Management in Healthcare

Vigilant Software’s alternative to handwritten labels represents a shift in how healthcare facilities approach medication management. A recent article references how Mayo Clinic and other top hospitals are turning to more automation to streamline non-patient care activities, and Vigilant’s adoption by top healthcare facilities is another data point showing the shift that is taking place. By harnessing the power of automation and technology, nurses are liberated from the tedious task of handwriting labels, allowing them to channel their efforts into providing an elevated standard of care. As healthcare continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like Vigilant Software’s becomes not just a choice but a necessity for ensuring a safer and more efficient healthcare ecosystem. Welcome to the future of drug labeling automation with Vigilant Software.

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