The Game-Changing IV Tube Labeling Solution Transforming Healthcare

Vigilant has created a simple, yet efficient IV Tube Labeling Solution

When it comes to innovation, sometimes the most ingenious ideas are the simplest ones. Vigilant’s game-changing IV tube labeling solution, for example, is working towards the goal to enable clinicians to safely deliver one billion medications. The straightforward concept, ease of use, and very real need are all parts of a solution that is revolutionizing workflows and patient outcomes in hospitals across the country. 

The “Eureka” Moment

The idea behind Vigilant’s product is so intuitive, it’s no wonder many nurses had a “why didn’t I think of that?” reaction. With just a quick barcode scan, nurses can print and apply accurate IV labels in seconds. No more wasted time handwriting labels or tracing lines to avoid dangerous errors. It’s a common sense approach that eliminates a major hassle for nurses.

Simplicity Breeds Results  

While the concept is simple, Vigilant delivers tremendous results. The system integrates seamlessly into existing workflows with minimal training required. Nurses can easily print the entire sheet of labels they need in just seconds. Despite the ease of implementation, the impact is immense. 

Hospitals using Vigilant report 100% clinician satisfaction along with 95% higher labeling compliance compared to handwritten labels. The time savings are equally impressive, with nurses gaining back an average of 172 minutes per week to focus on patient care. This additional time with patients helps increase the quality of care, reduces burnout, and results in better overall outcomes for the patient.

Hospitals have also increased medication revenue by an average of $250K per year through increased charge capture and more accurate documentation and billing. 

Vigilant's IV Tube Labeling Solution allows clinicians to focus on patient carePatient Safety First

Handwritten labels are prone to mistakes – illegible writing or miscalculations can easily lead to medication mix ups and patient harm. Vigilant’s scanner-generated labels are accurate every time, reducing the risk of human error significantly. No longer do nurses need to do the mental calculations, rely on quickly scribbled labels, or fret over going back to line trace multiple medications. 

By virtually eliminating such errors, Vigilant protects patient safety and gives nurses peace of mind. The increase in safe practices leads directly to better patient outcomes.


A No-Brainer Solution 

Vigilant’s simple IV tube labeling solution is simple and effective. While the medical field is known for its complexity, Vigilant is proving that not all solutions must be complex to have an immense impact. The automated label printing solution makes perfect sense for any hospital looking to boost efficiency, safety and patient care.

With its intuitive design and rapid results, implementing Vigilant becomes a no-brainer decision for healthcare administrators. Sometimes the most ingenious concepts are hiding in plain sight. Vigilant’s common sense IV labeling system proves that simplicity and game-changing innovation can go hand in hand.

The Time For Change Is Now

Contact Vigilant today to implement their revolutionary IV labeling system at your hospital. Discover how this simple innovation can recoup hours of clinician time, boost patient safety, and take your facility’s success to new heights. Don’t let workflow inefficiency and handwriting errors continue compromising care quality and nurse satisfaction. Join the healthcare revolution and make Vigilant’s effective solution a cornerstone of your hospital’s future. The health of your nurses and patients depends on it.

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